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Why join the Watchmen of Missouri

We have many potetial threats here in Missouri. Recently we have seen sever threats through natural disaters, such as tornados, and have the potential for several other types of natural disasters. In addition we have huge exposure to manmade disasters, both accidental and politically. Because of the increasing stress on budgets through cost-cutting measures and such we are finding that our police, fire, EMS and infrastructure for responding during these disasters is being increasingly stretched to their breaking point and are no longer able efficiently function and provide the emergency services that are needed. The need for these services will never diminish especially as we see more political unrest here in Missouri, the United States and the world. The threat of terroist activities in our state is huge since we provide such a valuable bridge between commerce on the east and west. Threats from industrial accidents is ever increasing, as is the general feeling of political and economic unrest.

There are many good reasons for joing the Watchmen of Missouri and Watchmen of America. The Watchmen is a growning Brotherhood across the United States of like-minded people. We come together under common goals focused on freedom, liberty and justice with the goal to serve and protect our fellow citizens during challenging times. We have found that through increased numbers, the chance of our survival is greatly increased.

Being a member of the Watchmen of Missouri does not represent any political views, race, religion or any of the lables that have been attached to those who believe in standing and fighting for their rights.

Membership and being active has to do with you and your family as well as being there to take care of your neighbors and community when the hardships and disaster come. Your participation shows that you understand the need to develop the personal skills and the preparedness group necessary to cover these disasters. It shows that you understand that there is strength in numbers and the ability to survive and thrive is much higher with a group than in a single situation.

There are several benefits to joining the Watchmen of Missouri. We work with the entire Watchmen of America network to again multiply our numbers and provide use with:

  • more buying power to insure that our resources go further.
  • To allow us to tap resources for education and direction that an individual group wouldn't normally have available.
  • To develop more consistent skills
  • For better communication and understanding of existing threats.

Being a member of the Watchmen of America and the Watchmen of Missouri has the unique benefit in that your participation not only qualifies you for rewards from the WOA purchasing program but it allows the Watchmen of Missouri group to benefit from your participation also.

How The Program Works

Your membership to Watchmen Of America allows you to have access to group pricing from TacGearZone online store for purchasing all necessary equipment to fit your role or skill set. We also have secured great bulk pricing from key national distributors.

Being in a network that has organized throughout the same state, allows members to have designated areas for evacuation as deemed needed and appropriate.

In the event your area and home is in the direct path of a hurricane, other group members can come to your aid, help you secure your home and or provide security for your family.

In the event of a large scale disaster, you have a support group to fall back on, by people fully trained and skilled in many different areas for survival. Our objective is to ensure safety and security as being a member of the Watchmen of Missouri can provide.

We train each month in key disciplines and in various locations of the state to better prepare ourselves, our families and our group should any incidents or events occur. The training is designed to enable the entire Watchmen Group to come together in quick time, get to a safe area, while protecting our members, families and communities during times of crisis.

We have members with many different skills, which allow for a wide variety of expertise in all areas of survivability. Many of our members are former law enforcement, military personnel, medical fields specialists, and other areas that are critical to our group as a whole as well as the community and the state of Missouri.

We value honesty and integrity above all else. Our members can trust one another without fail, and that is the caliber of people that we seek. Skills that benefit the whole group are paramount to us, as are the ability to work closely with other members. If situations occur that requires an immediate response from our group, then everyone is expected to do their part.

Though weapons are a part of our plans and preparations we feel that food and survival supplies comes first. Without food and water it will be difficult at best, and we strive to educate our members in obtaining the necessary stockpile of essential supplies.

Our FAMILY PROTECTION GROUP is tasked with the responsibility of alerting our members of a critical situation, and getting them safely to one of our rally points. Each member of the FPG is selected for their skills and dedication to this very important task. These are the people that you can rely on in times of crisis. If your children need transportation from school, if you cannot evacuate the area, if you are facing difficulties in joining the rest of us at one of our safe areas--then The Family Protection Group will insure that you and yours are with us.

Our communication system enables us to reach out across the horizon and stay in contact with each other. Mobile radios and hand-held radios are critical in times of distress, and we strive to maintain a working communications network that doesn't rely on telephone, cell phones, or the Internet to reach our members.

If you are truly interested in what we offer and would like to join us, or have questions, you are asked to contact us. Please understand that sometimes due to situations beyond our control, it might take some time to respond to you. We value and appreciate your patience.

Lastly; we are a Missouri Survival Group, and as such, we expect that our members have the ability and resources to survive as an individual, and as a member of our group. If you have a closet full of guns, but no food, then allow us to show you how to stockpile survival food and supplies. If your idea of survival is at the end of a rifle, with little thought given too essential supplies, then you should first take the time to better prepare yourself. We will not feed you and yours in times of crisis if you fall into this category. Learn to stand on your own feet first, get your food supplies in order, and then think about joining us.

If you are just looking for someplace or some people to hang out with, then perhaps you should choose another place. If you are just looking to camp out, shoot guns, or play urban survivalist--then we are not the group for you. Our members are dedicated to their families, and the group. We each understand the importance of coming together in times of crisis, and we work very hard to insure that our members have the ability and means to survive.

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